this is 2006
you are not alone.

this is we rock like crazy . contact

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our adress in the physical world is as follows:

we rock like crazy
hauptstr. 3
45879 gelsenk´n

furthermore we can be reached through a stunning variety of technical equipment:

mobilephone : ++49(0)177.64 27 76 0
computer/email :

{we would however like to discourage you from harrassing us in person, or through other more ethereal means, as we know at least one person who has tasted the flesh of the recently deceased and would not hesitate for the slightest moment to inform him about your whereabouts should you be found on our bad side.}

and on a lighter note, our VAT-number is DE814018227 - make of that what you will.
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filling your email-adress into the standardized form element below will make you one of the select few receiving periodical updates about "we rock like crazy" and related things of interest. each email you receive from us will be handcrafted and only contain carefully selected and vital information enabling you to live a better and fuller life.

// Demo Policy »
generally speaking, we like to receive demos.t
if you could be bothered beforehand to find out what we do & what we like, all the better.
we don´t want you to be perfect, we just want you to be interesting.
don´t EVER send mp3s !!!
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steuernummer: 319/5091/1540

umsatzsteuer-identifikationsnummer gemäß § 27 a umsatzsteuergesetz: DE814018227

inhaltlich verantwortlicher gemäß § 10 absatz 3 mdstv: martin kretschmer (anschrift wie oben)

haftungshinweis: trotz sorgfältiger inhaltlicher Kontrolle übernehmen wir keine haftung für die inhalte externer links. für den inhalt der verlinkten seiten sind ausschließlich deren betreiber verantwortlich.