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 free downloads

below please find high quality downloads of songs we just couldn´t fit onto our regular releases.

this doesn´t really look like much right now and, well, it isn´t. but rest assured there will be much more to come.

we hope these tracks please your oh so delicate ears. and if not, well, they were free anyway.

cozy sollipsism

cozy sollipsism

is structure disposed
is novelty wrapped inside same old same old
is the noise coming from your parents´ bedroom filtered through a breakcore remix of klaus schulze homerecordings while fondling an octopus

all that and sugar on top

cozy01 - we rock like crazy labelspecial
cozy02 - dance like it´s 1994
cozy03 - my own private idaho
cozy04 - breakneck blvd.

cozy sollipsism downloads are now located at www.cozysollipsism.com

bastards of love

:: NEW ::
bastards of love - rituals / popshop rmx.2 _mp3
bastards of love - timmy + tammy (2) _mp3

external : website

echo west

echo west - bubbleboy _mp3

external : website

freischwimmer - bubbleboy (abiboy 88/89 mix) _mp3

external : website