john rogers || kung fu monkey mailman dropped new comic books:

the stacks / marc bell
love fights vol.2 / andi watson
carnet de voyage / craig thompson
bop! [more box office poison] / alex robinson
hutch owen: unmarketable / tom hart
american splendor: our movie year / harvey pekar
epileptic / david b
underbelly / dave cooper
b.p.r.d. plague of frogs / mike mignola & guy davis


john rogers || kung fu monkey kung fu monkey .: blog thingy


disorder records || world of disorder disorder records .: world of disorder 12"


der unsichtbare || feinde der freude you should know der unsichtbare from his releases on kommando 6. feinde der freude cd


fontomas cd
fontomas cd @ typetype


welle erdball || vinyl
welle erdball on vinyl


for a space i remember for a space from daniel myer´s basic unit label - back when - and subsequently lost track of them. now it appears they, yeah they are a "they" now, have a new cd "civillian on battlefield" coming out on wellenform.

music sounds very nice, dry, minimal, dubby in places, electronica. but then there´s the matter of the femal vocals... i´m not to sure if i like those; makes this whole affair a bit too bjork for me.

la séduction des innocents le syndicat electronique, artistst turned label, releases its first 12" - la seduction des innocents :: chapitre 1 - full of dark, brooding, beautiful soundscapes.

treue um treue tontraeger || wermut fresh off their split release with rob droid on kernkrach (hertz) wermut start their own label:
treue um treue tontraeger.

first release will be a 10" called hoffnung.

ghostshrimp scratchy. squiggly.
shrimps. mosquitoes. octopi.
weird. mad. skillz.

welt am draht welt am draht is a nice new internet-radio featuring ace sets from the likes of beta evers, manasyt, ckent.

ahh, and i´m doing the occasional little show there also. :)

cozy sollipsism

is structure disposed
is novelty wrapped inside same old same old
is the noise coming from your parents bedroom filtered through a breakcore remix of klaus schulze homerecordings while fondling an octopus

all that and sugar on top

it is therefore no small wonder that pretty much exactly the half of it´s first installment - furthermore allude to as "hour 1" - is dedicated to those crazy nerds over at WE ROCK LIKE CRAZY, zealous fighters for "difference through inclusion", doing their jangly thang; playing selected electronic gems from their ever growing catalog as well as more unreleased tracks than you could fit into a dead goat.

hour 2 - knowingly dubbed "dance like it´s 1994" - features a lighthearted romp through mommy´s record crate resulting in a dust-cover and spider-webbed offering of something EBM and ELECTRONIC from days yonder.

COZY SOLLIPSISM - humanity´s friend in audio

charles schulz || peanuts stuff i got meselfs for christmas part2:

the complete peanuts box set vol.1 (1950-1954).

finally they (=fantagrahpics) are collecting EVERY strip from beginning to end. there´s gonna be two of these suckers a year, so not every one will actually live to see the end of this.

beautiful strips from a time when mr. charlie brown wasn´t yet the main character, not yet there but already far from not there. and a beautiful design by seth.

will eisner
will eisner passed away on january 3rd, 2005 at the age of 87 following quadruple bypass heart surgery.

will eisner was a comic artist, and i use artist in that he wrote + draw his own stories, and while i have to admit that i have my problems with his actual output in terms of taste and sensibility, there is no denying that he might be the one most important person in the history of american comics.

ariel press || sapphire brits do better comics. but then, so does pretty much everyone ´cept those ugly americans. a gross generalization, sure, as there is still some gems among the amounts of shit being pumped out of the us-comics machinery on a monthly basis, but you look at a book like sapphire from ariel press - this nifty little occult / espionage thriller - and you actually feel sad that it will never be seen by more than a handful of people coz it gets buried under the tons of utter crap that is the comic book industry.

gary larson || the far side stuff i got meselfs for christmas part1:

the complete far side gallery. and dang does this baby weigh a ton.
there is quite a lot of very weird, subversive stuff in this. more often than not on the brink of very clever.

and it´s got at least two cartoons featuring sloths, so it´s a must-have where i´m concerned.

older stuff